Epic Hires Abduljabbar

By Chemical Processing Staff

Sep 18, 2015

Epic Systems, Inc. hires Chris Abduljabbar as process development engineer. Abduljabbar received his bachelor of science in chemical engineering and industrial unit operations, a master of biochemical engineering and his PhD in chemical engineering from the University of Technology in Baghdad.

Abduljabbar has a background in unit operations design and experience with HYSYS and Aspen Plus Simulation, HTRI and EDR (Heat Exchanger Design), FEED and feasibility, and capital project implementation. He has worked for more than 10 years designing and implementing full distillation columns as a process engineer. Additionally, Abduljabbar has experience designing processing lines for highly viscous liquids.

Abdujabbar’s primary role at Epic includes project forecasting and working with new customers on developing project scope and quotations. Another of his primary roles is design of potential distillation systems.

For more information, visit: www.epicsysinc.com