Clariant Expands Selective Oxidation Catalyst Portfolio

By Chemical Processing Staff

Sep 01, 2015

Clariant expands its selective oxidation catalyst portfolio with its new VAMax series catalysts, which offer high-activity for vinyl-acetate monomer (VAM) producers. VAM is produced by reacting ethylene and acetic acid with oxygen in the presence of a catalyst. It is an essential building block for various polymer and co-polymer derivatives, which are used in the manufacture of paints, adhesives and performance plastics for the automotive and construction industries, according to Clariant.

Clariant’s VAMax series of catalysts have reportedly demonstrated consistent performance in commercial scale production of VAM over extended run lengths. The high activity characteristic of VAMax allows a VAM producer seeking to increase production to achieve higher yields on the basis of the same scale of production equipment, according to the company.

Catalysts within the VAMax series can be matched to meet the specific requirements of diverse VAM plants.

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