Amyris Produces New Fragrance Molecule

By Chemical Processing Staff

Sep 02, 2015

Amyris, Inc., the industrial bioscience company, develops a yeast strain ready to produce a new fragrance molecule at commercial scale in less than 12 months from the start of strain engineering, according to the company. Amyris plans to begin manufacturing the molecule in September at its Brotas production facility. The engineered strain was designed, engineered, optimized and scaled for industrial fermentation using Amyris's synthetic biology platform, featuring the company's proprietary HI-RYSE (Hyper-Integration for Rapid Yeast Strain Engineering) technology.

Amyris's HI-RYSE Genome Engineering Technology uses site-specific nucleases (DNA cleavage enzymes) to facilitate the simultaneous targeted integration of multiple DNA inserts into a host cell's genome in a single reaction. This obviates iterative engineering steps and the need for selectable markers, reducing the time needed to optimize the cell to produce a desired molecule, according to the company. HI-RYSE reportedly enables high-efficiency installation of entire biosynthetic pathways, as well as pathway enhancements that significantly boost the transformation of carbon from renewable feedstock. HI-RYSE is compatible with any nuclease capable of specifically targeting DNA sequences.

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