ExxonMobil Chemical Opens Production Plant for Synthetic Base Stocks

By Jonathan Katz, contributing editor

Mar 30, 2014

ExxonMobil Chemical Co. opened a world-scale manufacturing facility at its chemical complex in Baytown, Texas, to produce synthetic lubricant base stocks, the company said March 28.

The company will manufacture up to 50,000 tons a year of SpectraSyn Elite metallocene polyalphaolefin (mPAO) at the plant. mPAO will offer a higher viscosity index, improved shear stability and enhanced low-temperature properties compared to conventional PAO base stocks, according to ExxonMobil.

The new base stocks can help formulators manufacture automotive and industrial finished lubricants that offer greater durability, enhanced energy efficiency and extended drain intervals, the company says.

ExxonMobil’s Baytown includes a refinery, two chemical plants, an engineering office and a global technology center.

For more information, visit www.exxonmobilchemical.com.