APPEA and IChemE Safety Center Partner to Address Process Safety Requirements

By Chemical Processing staff

Jul 25, 2013

The IChemE Safety Center (ISC) is a subscription-based industry-led consortium focused on recognizing and tackling process safety requirements in the chemical and process industries.

Objectives include industry reporting, sharing of safety bulletins, sharing learning on process safety incidents and near misses, managing the safety of aging facilities through implementing HSE knowledge and improving process safety culture. IChemE is also in the process of recruiting its first director of process safety.

APPEA is a national body representing more than 80 oil and gas explorers and producers in Australia. The association represents another 250 companies that provide goods and services to the upstream oil and gas industry and promotes the development of oil and gas resources. It also works closely with government with a view to securing optimum regulatory and commercial conditions for industry.

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