Heat Exchange Institute Publishes Latest Edition Of ‘Standards for Steam Surface Condensers'

By Chemical Processing Staff

Nov 08, 2012

The Heat Exchange Institute (HEI) has released the 11th edition of “Standards for Steam Surface Condensers.”

The 11th edition has incorporated several revisions since the 10th edition, including new sample calculations for oxygen content and tubeside pressure drop, a new Section 4.6 on condensate temperature depression, information on clad tubesheets and several new appendices. 

HEI is a nonprofit trade association focused on the technical advancement, promotion and understanding of a broad range of utility and industrial-scale heat exchange and vacuum apparatus. The Institute concentrates its efforts on the manufacturing and engineering aspects of air-cooled condensers, steam-surface condensers, closed-feedwater heaters, shell and tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, liquid-ring vacuum pumps, steam-jet ejectors and deaerators.

For more information, visit www.heatexchange.org.