American Chemical Society Puts National Meeting Presentations Online


Sep 21, 2009

In an effort to expand access to scientific sessions at its national meetings, the American Chemical Society (ACS) made recordings of more than 150 presentations from its 238th National Meeting in Washington, D.C., available online without charge.
The sessions include some 150 research papers on topics ranging from sustainable energy to moving new discoveries out of the laboratory and into the marketplace.  The recordings consist of the scientists’ oral presentations and PowerPoint slides. Almost 14,000 scientists and others attended the meeting, held Aug. 16-20. 
“Our national meetings generate an enormous amount of high quality scientific content,” says John C. Katz, Director, ACS Member Communities. “While many thousands physically attend these meetings, they represent a fraction of those who can benefit from the information presented. This is but one way the Society is expanding access to its content. We hope this will advance the interests of our members, the science they practice, and the public that ultimately benefits from our members’ research.”
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