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The New Chem Show Features Fundamentals of Powder Flow Technology Session

Source: ChemicalProcessing.com

Sep 02, 2009

The session, a highlight of AIChE Day, will provide insights into common flow problems that arise when powders and bulk solids are put into silos, bins, and hoppers, as well as ways to characterize a material's flow properties. Speaker Eric Maynard, a senior consultant with Jenike & Johanson, Inc. will provide proven, practical, and cost-effective perspectives on a wide range of related topics from retrofits to the design of latest facilities.

Topics addressed in the Fundamentals of Powder Flow Technology session will include:
• Typical bulk solids flow problems in silos, bins, and hoppers;
• Results of flow problems;
• Flow patterns and different hopper designs;
• Ways to characterize flow properties (common tests and resulting data).

“Proper training of personnel involved in solids handling and processing is essential to operating an efficient and reliable bulk solids handling system. Since the theory of bulk solids handling is seldom a part of formal engineering training, this session will provide a balance of solids flow theory and practical applications to make the information immediately useful to the participants,” explains Maynard.

Other sessions offered during AIChE Day during the first day of the three-day event include:

• Integrated Process Solutions for Solid-Liquid Separations;
• Micro and Ultra-Filtration Membranes for Pharmaceutical and Food applications;
• Chemical Product Design and Engineering;
• Implementing Sustainability Practices into the Chemical Processing Industry;
• Integrative Approach to Crystallization Process Development;
• Mixing Basics and Single Phase Mixing;
• Multiphase Mixing;
• Troubleshooting Common Pneumatic Conveying Problems;
• Process Safety Practices in the Chemical Processing Industry

For information, visit: http://www.chemshow.com.