Free Engineering and Installation Guide from Harvel Plastics

Apr 19, 2005

Harvel Plastics, Inc., has published a new, comprehensive Engineering & Installation Guide on CD-ROM, providing the thermoplastic pipe industry with its most comprehensive printed resource for technical data on PVC, CPVC, and specialty piping and duct systems. The guide features extensive engineering and design data, a chemical resistance guide for pipe selection, physical properties, pressure ratings, industry standards and test methods, installation procedures, safety and caution data, storage and handling information, and more.

The CD also features a dynamic air duct calculator helpful in determining appropriate duct sizes, flow and velocity rates, and friction loss.

A print version of the engineering guide is also available. Complimentary copies of the the CD or printed guide are available to qualified professionals.

Call 610.252.7355 to request your copy today or request the guide online at: