Brookfield Launches Viscosity Measurement Training Courses

Jan. 6, 2014
On-demand courses are conducted at the customers’ facilities or at Brookfield’s headquarters.

Brookfield now offers two hands-on training courses for viscosity measurement. The practical course on viscosity measurements and the lab day/advanced viscosity course were designed to help users understand the functionality of their instrument, solve the mysteries of fluid behavior and create successful and repeatable viscosity test methods for use in both R&D as well as quality control. Consistency is vital in the success of any product and understanding viscosity is a key part to maintaining that quality control.

The courses are available at Brookfield’s headquarters in Middleboro, Mass., and in major cities across the United States. Space is limited, and customers are encouraged to sign up early. On-demand courses are conducted at the customers’ facilities or at Brookfield’s headquarters.

The practical course on viscosity measurement is a one-day course designed to help participants get the most out of their Brookfield viscometer and rheometer measurements. Discussion topics include how to pick a spindle/speed combination as well as calibration and verification checks. The course is geared toward beginner to intermediate users.

The lab day/advanced viscosity course is a one-day, advanced course that focuses on the customer’s interests, formulations and processing problems. Attendees are encouraged to bring samples that will be reviewed to determine “best practice” methodology for making viscosity and related rheological measurements. This course is available at Brookfield’s facility in Middleboro or at the customer’s location. This course was designed for intermediate to advanced users.

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