Gary Faagau

Energy Columnist

Know the Basics of Energy Management

Nov. 22, 2010
Make energy management maintenance a routine part of your day.

Train Your Plant Manager on Energy Efficiency

Oct. 20, 2010
Present your energy program in a way the plant manager can quickly comprehend.

Train Your Project Manager on Energy Efficiency

Sept. 7, 2010
Treating energy saving measures as project add-ons can help.

Train Your Operators on Energy Efficiency

Aug. 9, 2010
Provide them with the right information and listen to their ideas.

Energy Saver -- Educate Your Peers

July 7, 2010
Train your technical specialist on energy efficiency.

Beware of Energy Mishaps

June 9, 2010
Webinar speakers identify common energy program mistakes.

How's Your Motor Running?

May 11, 2010
Try optimization to help reduce motor energy expenses.

Energy Saver: Take the Heat Off Your Bottom Line

April 7, 2010
It's time to find cool ways to cut summertime energy costs.

Turn Waste Energy Into Cash

Feb. 10, 2010
Make the Energy Independence and Security Act pay off for you.

New Energy Efficiency Standards Are Coming

Jan. 13, 2010
Government, industry and academia team up on program.

Respond Right to Reduced Rates

Dec. 8, 2009
Maintaining energy efficiency helps keep operating costs in check.

Energy Saver: Improve Batch Processing

Nov. 5, 2009
A number of steps can lead to better energy efficiency at the outset.

Save Cold Cash

Oct. 8, 2009
Here are a few tips to keep your winter energy bills under control.

It’s Time to Answer The E(nergy)-Mail

Sept. 3, 2009
Readers provide their input on content of recent columns.

Simplify Your Energy Message

Aug. 4, 2009
Money loss calculators can spur better operator response to wasted energy.

Not All Carbon Dioxide Is Created Equal

July 7, 2009
Put biomass to use to help reduce your plant’s carbon footprint.

Energy Saver: Put Energy into Environmental Projects

May 13, 2009
Taking a broader look at such projects can improve their prospects.

Find the Hidden Gems

April 15, 2009
Good practices can reduce energy waste in your utility systems.

Energy Saver: Conduct Your Own Furnace Survey

March 24, 2009
Calculate heat loss in every step to help prioritize efforts.

Energy Saver: Do Your Own Steam Survey

Feb. 17, 2009
Finding energy wasters yourself can save a lot of money.

It’s Time to Review Your Plant Energy Systems

Jan. 16, 2009
Annual checkups help ensure components keep running smoothly.

Capture More Savings on an Ongoing Basis

Nov. 19, 2008
Advanced controls can help to maximize sustainable energy efforts.

Make Your Energy Savings Permanent

Oct. 14, 2008
Here are five ways to create sustainable energy programs.

Group Blazes the Trail to Achieving Energy Efficiency

Oct. 10, 2008
Texas pilot study may lead to plant certification program