Cheers For Tequila’s Contribution To Sustainability

March 16, 2017

I admit that when a press release or a blog post mentions tequila, I end up reading it. I’d like to think it’s based more on intellectual curiosity than my love of margaritas but we all know that’s probably not true.

I also like to write about my tequila research. (See “Will Tequila Help You Lose Weight?” and “All Hail The Inventor Of Tequila Diamonds And Other Ig Nobel Winners.”) I’m glad to learn I am not alone. Barry A. Perlmutter, president and managing director of BHS-Filtration Inc., is also a tequila fan (intellectually and spiritually).

Indeed, one of his recent blogs “Innovative Thinking, Sustainability & Tequila,” lead me to discover that Ford and Jose Cuervo forged a partnership to use agave fibers for bioplastics that can be used for certain car parts. You can watch the short video from Ford to learn more.

As for Barry and his blogs, you can check out Perlmutter Unfiltered and enjoy his passion for filtration technology, tequila and myriad other topics. The March blog, “Filtration more art than science?”  focuses on the challenges of continuous processing as well as batch filtration. In a way, I can thank tequila for introducing me to these blogs. That calls for a toast!

Traci Purdum is Chemical Processing’s senior digital editor. Her drinks of choice are tequila or rum based. In fact, she earned the nickname Mojito Traci but doesn’t remember why. You can email her at [email protected].