Song Parody Pleads For Safety

Feb. 14, 2019

Process safety is paramount. We dedicate a whole series to it via our Process Safety webinars (we partner with the Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center to present these free webinars) and we write about the topic often.

It’s a serious subject and sugarcoating it is counterproductive. In fact, the late Dr. Sam Mannan drove the point home in a few of our webinars. You can read about his message here “Should Leaders Be Fired For Poor Safety Records?” and here “Expert Says Safety Regulations Haven’t Made Us Safer.” Mannan was the Regents Professor in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University and Director of the Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center. He helped us develop the series concept.

That said, there is room for fun in safety. Presenting safety protocols in an entertaining manner can even help cement best practices. Enter Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown of asapScience Inc. The duo create song parodies and short videos on “fun and interesting science.” “Lab Rules” (video below) takes the Dua Lipa song “New Rules”  and works it into sound advice for process safety. Enjoy. And don’t blame me if this gets stuck in an endless loop in your head: “Working in the lab and I’m thinking about safety….”

Oh, and if you want more song parodies, check out these:

Traci Purdum is Chemical Processing’s senior digital editor. She has no idea who Dua Lipa is but enjoys the parody anyhow. Some day she hopes to meet the King of Parody Weird Al Yankovic. If you can arrange an introduction, email her at [email protected].


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