Looking for Chemical Engineering Links?

May 27, 2003

Whether you are forging ahead to new frontiers or catching up on the latest news and trends, the World Wide Web is a great information source. Guides to chemical engineering resources from prominent colleges and universities, commercial portals and personal Web pages provide quick-linked access to some of the most current and authoritative information available.

The "Chemical Engineering" page at https://www.che.ufl.edu, hosted by the University of Florida's Chemical Engineering Department breaks chemical engineering information into more than 30 subtopics. Most of the subtopics include a description of content in the related links.

The "International Directory of Chemical Engineering URLs" site, www.abklex.de/chemeng/chem-eng.html, hosted by the University of Karlsruhe in Germany, has been online since Dec-ember 1994 and continues to be a highly respected resource. It begins with a separate link to academic chemical engineering sites worldwide listed by nation (www.abklex.de/chemeng/chem-eng.ac.html). Sections of the international directory include general information, databases, online courses and chemical companies. Process control, solid,"liquid separation and jobs also are included.

"The Chemical Engineers' Resource Page, www.cheresources.com/mainzz.shtml, widely cited in the December 2002 "On the Web" column, recently introduced a premium subscription service, ChEPlus, along with an online store. Content that previously was available for free still is accessible without charge.

The new subscription service is geared for people who want more content. The premium service includes downloadable equipment specification sheets and calculation procedures in Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format, technical bulletins detailing data and procedures, maintenance articles and a question-and-answer knowledge base.

For a broader range of chemical engineering topics, the "Chemical Search Engine" at www.chemindustry.com provides links to Web sites, chemical information, market research, jobs and experts in various chemical topics.

If you believe learning can be enhanced with levity, Jupiter Scientific's "Chemistry Jokes" page

(www.jupiterscientific.org/sciinfo/jokes/chemistryjokes.html) might provide the right mixture. Each joke is followed by a link to an explanation. As the first lines of the Web page states: "If you didn't get the joke, you probably didn't understand the science behind it. If this is the case, it's a chance for you to learn a little chemistry."

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