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Flow Meter Focus

Sept. 28, 2005
ChemicalProcessing.com introduces Flow meter focus, a compilation of useful articles, news, white papers and product information related to flow meters.
Flow meters are critical instruments at plants across many industries. ChemicalProcessing.com has created Flow meter Focus - a one-stop destination for flow meter information. You'll find articles, white papers, and news on flow meter use as well as editor-selected flow meter products.


Understand the attraction of magmeters - Magnetic flowmeters provide accuracy and can be used in a variety of applications and environments.

Bend it like Coriolis - Understand the basics of Coriolis flowmeter design. Dual curved-tube and single straight-tube meters offer different advantages.

Taking the pulse of fluid metering - Applications benefit from more precise dosing and improved control.

Can I use a drive to control flow? - A reader asks, "I'm hearing about using a drive with my pump and motor setup for better flow control instead of control valves. Is it worth it? Do I still need some measure of flow control besides a shut-off valve?" Read the answer here.

Calibrating a Parshall flume - A reader has a calibration question regarding Parshall flumes. You can read the answer here.

Make the most of averaging Pitot tubes - These straightforward devices can handle a wide range of flow applications.

The best point - Run your pump at best efficiency and improve process performance

Test it right - The appropriate testing procedures can help direct the selection of pressure or vacuum filtration equipment and ensure optimum equipment operation.

A better blend - A well-maintained continuous liquid blending system boosts dependability and product quality.

Models take off - Process simulation historically has taken place within proprietary modeling environments. However, the ability of simulators to more accurately handle demanding tasks continues to evolve.

Boosting blending accuracy - Optimizing operations using coriolis technology.

Automation vision comes to life - Digital automation helps BASF save time and money, achieve goals and improve loop checking.

Pumping up performance and profit - Enhancing instrument reliability and repeatability.

Fieldbus technology: Cut through the confusion - Fieldbus technology offers many benefits to a chemical processor if used correctly. The key is to focus on front-end design to achieve the full benefits of fieldbus technology.

Nothing like the real thing - Chemical process plant comrades talk about the ways they're making newer technologies work for them.

Make the most of HART-enabled devices - HART-enabled field devices offer many benefits and not just for process control. They can lead to productivity gains, maintenance savings and more efficient and accurate recordkeeping.

Take out torque - A reader's ribbon blendor is experiencing torquing problems. Read tips about how to avoid torque problems in a ribbon blender.

White papers

Technology expands flowmeter capabilities, reduces costs - Capacitance-type magnetic flowmeters have traditionally offered the advantage of having non-wetted electrodes and the ability to measure low conductivity fluids. However, they suffered from a sensitivity to flow noise and zero instability. Innovative technology overcomes these limitations and drives magnetic flowmeters into new areas of application, while reducing installed costs.

Accurate steam mass measurement - Vortex meters are ideal for measuring saturated steam flow, and now can be used to measure mass flow with integrated temperature sensor and controller software. These meters can also be integrated into a Foundation Fieldbus industrial network system.


New applications & literature CD features 50 years of flowmeter expertise - McCrometer's new A-Z Flowmeter CD contains the company's most up-to-date flow technology, applications and product specification information based on its 50 years of expertise.

Invensys receives patents for flowmeter technology - The new patents relate to new signal processing techniques used to provide useful measurements of both mass flow and density and the operational aspects of keeping the Coriolis meter running stably in single-phase or two-phase flow conditions (and dynamic transitions between these flow conditions). 

FCI releases new pulp and paper flow guide - The company’s precision thermal dispersion mass flow technology is the ideal answer in a wide range of pulp and paper applications, ranging from black liquor and soap interface detection, mill cooking natural gas flow monitoring, burner fuel oil monitoring, coal-fired boiler combustion air flow monitoring, chemical additive injection, pump protection and much more.

Honeywell makes first sale of fiscal metering product - Introduced in the summer of 2004, MeterSuite accurately measures gas and liquid product flows between companies, making it easier to document and calculate appropriate tax payments.


Sanitary Design Turbine flowmeter released - The Hoffer Sanitary Design Turbine flowmeter is accepted as meeting 3-A Sanitary Standard No. 28-03 for measurement of process liquids where high sanitary standards are required.

Grease flow meter promises to save on repairs - Alemite has introduced a new grease flow meter, a device that can be used to measure and dispense precise amounts of grease to bearings and other moving parts.

Fuji Electric ultrasonic flow meter can measure anything from ultra-pure water to sludges and slurries -  Duosonics is the world's first non-invasive, clamp-on, ultrasonic flow meter that automatically switches between Pulse Doppler and Transit Time technologies depending on the fluid conditions in the pipe.

Cole-Parmer introduces new line of ultrasonic flowmeters - Using the non-invasive ultrasonic measurement principle, these meters are ideal for handling aggressive fluids and slurries or fluids that have entrained air.


ISA - The Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society is a leading, global, nonprofit organization that is setting the standard for automation by helping over 30,000 worldwide members and other professionals solve difficult problems.

Valve Manufacturers Association of America - VMA represents the interests of over 100 U.S. and Canadian valve and actuator manufacturers who account for approximately 85% of the total industrial valve shipments out of U.S. facilities.

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