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April 12, 2007
SpecSearch creates customized process equipment searches. Of the more than 3 million users registered to GlobalSpec, 1.4 million are engineers. Are you one of them?

Finding equipment or parts for your processes can be a headache. Finding equipment that fits your exact specifications can be a migraine, so to speak. But don’t reach for the aspirin just yet. provides a service that enables you to specify certain criteria and find a part or piece of equipment that fits your exact needs — all without leaving your desk and within seconds. It’s SpecSearch from GlobalSpec.

Found on the left-hand side of, SpecSearch enables you to search products by type, name, number or your detailed specifications. It provides detailed search results, most with only two clicks of a mouse.

“GlobalSpec is an engineering search engine that filters out sites that are not appropriate,” Guy Maser, senior vice president of marketing, says. “If a user searched for ‘seals’ in any other search engine, some of the results would include sites for the Navy Seals, or seal meaning the animal. GlobalSpec only provides results for industrial seals.”

In addition to results confined to a certain kind, GlobalSpec also provides results vertically — meaning it provides results based on content that may not otherwise be available on other search engines. Results of this nature include application notes, patent information and industry standards. Results aren’t limited according to the source. GlobalSpec not only creates results based on what is directly provided to them, but also includes all information found on the web whether or not it is competitive with other material.

To see how SpecSearch can work for you, go to, and click on SpecSearch found under Site Resources. Let’s say you’re looking for a valve. Whether you‘re looking for a specific valve, or already know which kind of valve you need,  start by entering what you’re looking for in the search field. A list of products, categorized by type, displays next. Here, you can specify the part number or, after selecting the valve type, continue to narrow your search based on your specifications.

To specify the product results, simply click on the advanced search function on the left-hand column. For a valve, you can select size, flow, pressure rating, media temperature and connection. Once your selections are made, simply click “Update Results” to view your customized results.

The final list provides company names that provide products matching your criteria. Then you can click on the company name to see contact information, which includes links to immediately send an e-mail or visit the vendor’s web site. Other company information listed includes a profile and a list of individual products from that company, if more than one product from that company matches your specifications.

Although capable of narrowing down a list of 377 process dryers to 11 in just 60 seconds, GlobalSpec isn’t just good at searching for results — the company’s own results reflect its usefulness in the industry.

In 2006, the company’s number of registered users increased 50% to exceed 3 million since being founded in 1996, and is said to increase by 20,000 more each week. A recent Business Professionals of America (BPA) audit found 3.8 million monthly visitors were searching more than 153 million parts in 2 million product families by specifying products found in more than 21,000 digital catalogs, according to the company. Of the more than 3 million users registered to GlobalSpec, 1.4 million are engineers, and 538,000 are in manufacturing. Are you one of them?

If so, tell us how you’ve used the site in your product searches. If not, register at; click on SpecSearch and let us know what you think.

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