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June 12, 2008
Your one stop shop for career advice in the chemical processing industry
Did you know that ChemicalProcessing.com hosts myriad job-related articles geared specificially for chemical engineers and chemical plant employees?

It's true. Since 2003, we've published numerous works aimed at improving your career outlook. From salary surveys to job outlooks for recent graduates, our articles can help you navigate your career from so-so to successful.

We've collected our most popular career-related articles and have posted them here in our Career Corner. Check back often for new articles and watch your career take off.

Improve your job security 
Professional development courses can give you an edge

2008 Chemical Industry Salary Survey: Is it a tragedy or comedy for engineers?
Survey results peak behind the curtain of readers' salaries and job satisfaction

2007 Chemical Industry Salary Survey: Chemical industry starts to shine through clouds
In its third year, Chemical Processing’s online salary and job satisfaction survey results provides reasons for optimism. The record 1,830 survey respondents’ answers indicate salaries, raises, bonuses and job satisfaction are all moving in a positive direction.

2006 Salary Survey: Does your job provide you with the right chemistry?
The majority of survey respondents told us that they are content with their salaries, benefits, and job fulfillment... so why are they so unsatisfied?

2005 Chemical Industry Salary Survey: Field of Greens
Changing market conditions have prompted us to take a closer look at the chemical processing industry as it continues to evolve. The result is our first-ever salary survey, which has yielded some interesting insights into the workplace.

The price is wrong
Experts agree: monetary rewards are not the way to motivate employees.

What makes a workplace great?
What exactly goes into a great workplace? Senior editor Diane Dierking investigates and finds that companies that foster trust, pride and camaraderie among coworkers rank highest.

The Ch in ChE stands for “Changing”
Chemical engineers know all about the laws of supply and demand. After all, the chemical industry, which historically has employed the bulk of chemical engineers, is cyclical.

Chemistry offers attractions on many scales
Even in a depressed job market, chemists have the kudos to prove their worth.

A new breed of operators
With all the downsizing going on today, there's one group of people whose jobs promise to be secure: skilled process operators and control technicians for chemical processing plants. These paraprofessionals are in short supply today, and the need for them will be greater than ever as more baby boomers retire over the next ten years.

Become a more efficient chemical plant employee
Plant employees aren't all that different from plant equipment. Both need to be efficient without being over-worked. This article details the things you can do to be more effective at your job.

Don't dismiss discontent
The downturn that the chemical industry is only now shaking has spurred massive downsizing at chemical plants; that much we all know. Despite the legions of Americans who are out of work, engineers, even those in seemingly safe positions, are pursuing greener pastures.

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