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Equipment & Services: Precipitators, PVC Piping, Flow Switches

March 25, 2009
Latest products for the chemical industry

Wet Electrostatic Precipitator Offers Cost Savings

This unit is designed to control sulfuric acid emissions.. Alloys are used to make the system cost effective while exceeding process requirements. The system’s alloy construction allows shop fabrication to a much greater degree which means less field labor. The resulting project cost savings reportedly can be significant.

A.H. Lundberg Associates, Inc.
(860) 510-0470

Clear PVC Pipe Provides Visual Monitoring     

 This line of clear Schedule 40 PVC pipe is for fluid applications where it’s useful to see what’s happening within the pipe.  For instance, it is said to be ideal for confirming flow direction in a pipe and fluid color changes or contamination within a system. It can also be used as secondary containment piping to provide a quick and easy visual indication of system leaks. It is available from stock in pipe sizes from 1-in. to 3-in. diameters in 10-ft. lengths with bell ends; 20-ft. lengths with bell ends, and 10-ft. and 20-ft. lengths with plain ends are available upon request.  Offering the same physical characteristics as standard opaque PVC, clear PVC is strong, lightweight, corrosion-free and chemically resistant to a wide range of fluids. It is completely compatible with standard Schedule 40 PVC fittings, making system installation quick and easy.

GF Piping Systems
(800) 854-4090

Thermal Flow Switches Provide Automatic Scaling

The easy-to-install, FSW-420/30 series of thermal flow switches have no moving parts and monitor relative flow rate for applications where the actual flow rate is unimportant. These CE-compliant switches feature automatic scaling and set-point with push button re-scaling. Just put it into the pipe and it’s ready to go, says the maker. The switches set the present flow-rate at 100% at power up. Relative flow rate is indicated by seven LED lights. An alarm goes off when the flow rate drops to 50% or another level set by the user. A green output indicating LED is also included.

Omega Engineering, Inc.
(203) 359-1660 

Pump Torque Limiter Controls Horsepower

 This optional pump torque limiter for 45–140 cc/rev model P1/PD series pumps allows the use of smaller prime movers, resulting in more efficient use of fuel or electricity. It adjusts flow in the circuit to keep the prime mover from stalling under heavy loads. In a hydraulic system, it can reduce the maximum horsepower available and still handle the same load without stalling. To accomplish this, the torque limiter control monitors both pressure and displacement as measured by the pump’s hanger angle. As pressure rises, flow is reduced according to the zero adjustment spring rate of the torque limiter. When pressure has risen to its full value, the compensator assumes control.

 Parker Hannifin
(269) 692-6531

Filtering Basket Centrifuges Apply More Pressure

This line of perforated and solid bowl centrifuges operates at higher rpm and greater G force to produce more filtering pressure for drier solids and better quality centrate. A range of sizes and materials of construction and applications expertise for specific projects is available.

Sandborn Technologies
(560) 660-9150

High Accuracy RTD Thermometers Feature Wide Temperature Range 

The DST500 temperature indicator, and the DSX500 transmitter thermometers are wide range, high accuracy units designed for applications where accurate and reliable temperature monitoring and transmitting are critical. Both offer high precision temperature measurement technology and feature a 1-in. high LCD display — readable from 30 ft. away. They are available in a variety of standard and custom built probe configurations including MIG standard tapered bulb for drop-in direct MIG replacement. The quick disconnect option allows the user to remove the probe and meter for calibration without removing the permanently installed cable. The adjustable angle probe option allows easy adjustment of the display for the best viewing option. Special configurations can be supplied for tight fit installations. emperature range is  -328°F to 1,472°F (-200° to 800°C).

Wahl Instruments, Inc.
(800) 421-2853

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