2010 Salary Survey: Readers Respond -- How has compensation changed?

March 30, 2010
Salaries have decreased from previous years. Will they trend upward?

For the first time since the survey was established in 2005, the average salaries reported by respondents declined — from $107,804 in 2009 to $97,554 this year. Until now, average salaries have steadily increased. In 2005, the average salary was $85,234; in 2006, $89,690; in 2007, $90,038; and in 2008, $95,231. (Table 1). Small percentage declines in those reporting annual incomes within the $115,000 to $125,000 pay ranges and increases in those earning $80,000 to $95,000 account for the decrease in the average salaries reported.

How has compensation changed?
Year Salary Raise Bonus Age Responses
2010 $97,554 3.68% $5,835 47.8 1,827
2009 $107,804 4.23% $6,407 47.3 1,528
2008 $95,231  5.06% $6,561 45.7 1,078
2007 $90,038  4.28% $6,069 46.3 1,830
2006 $89,690 3.84% $4,795 46 1,258
2005 $85,234 3% $4,534 46 1,205

How the Data Were Gathered
A total of 1,827 respondents participated in this year's survey. That's second only to 2007 when 1,830 people answered our questions.

Since mid-January, respondents accessed the survey questionnaire via a link listed in the print edition of Chemical Processing, on the www.ChemicalProcessing.com Web site, and in e-newsletters and e-mail blasts sent to readers. Additionally, those who follow Chemical Processing on Twitter at Chem_Processing and Facebook at Chemical Processing Magazine were also encouraged to participate.

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