2011 Salary Survey: What Respondents Think About Job Woes

March 31, 2011
People want to feel appreciated for a job well done.
2011 Salary Survey Charts

Lack of recognition remains the top frustration for most respondents 42% (655).

"The recognition is typically not very good for the amount of effort you give, but the field is challenging and rewarding in other ways," remarked one survey participant.

Other leading gripes include the hours and workload, cited by 28% (445), as well as salary and benefits, noted by 26% (416). Several readers report having to do more -- and for much less.

"Compensation is flat, and not increasing as promised, but I'm still asked to do more.  My position has advanced as far as responsibilities, but the title and compensation have not," groused one survey participant. (Editor's Note: respondents could choose multiple answers.)

How the Data Were Gathered
A total of 1,722 respondents participated in this year's survey.

From January through March, respondents accessed the survey questionnaire via a link listed on the www.chemicalprocessing.com website, and in e-newsletters and e-mail blasts sent to readers. Additionally, those who follow Chemical Processing on Twitter at Chem_Processing and Facebook at Chemical Processing Magazine were encouraged to participate.

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