Visitors Share Top Reasons For Attending The Chem Show

June 6, 2011
Nothing beats face-to-face interaction when trying to solve problems.

While it is true that many people now use the Internet and social media to gather information, these are not viable substitutes for face-to-face meetings and first-hand exposure to products and equipment at trade shows. Depending on with whom you talk at the Chem Show, you are likely to hear a variety of reasons why they participate in the chemical processing industry’s (CPI) leading exposition and conference. However, after speaking with countless numbers of show attendees over the years, we can tell you the top five reasons CPI professionals say they come to the Show:

1. Experience New Products: Hundreds of companies from around the world will be showcasing new products and technologies at the Chem Show, and there is no better place to see equipment and technologies that you can only find by attending the show.  Despite all the information available online and in trade publications, many exhibitors use trade shows as the platform to introduce new products and technologies.

2. Compare Technology: Processing professionals tell us that the Chem Show is invaluable in allowing them to compare products and technologies. It is the only opportunity for them to talk with so many companies all in the same location. They tell us that if they had to do this comparison-shopping online and over the phone, it would take them several weeks and unlimited patience.

3. Networking: As I previously mentioned, social media is an excellent tool, but only trade shows offer attendees the opportunity to meet with people who may have otherwise been unavailable via the Web.  As one processing professional told me, “There is a whole deeper level of conversation when you can look a person in the eye. Exchanging a handshake and discussing solutions in person with a key supplier is far more effective than an e-mail.”

4. Education: Many professionals attend the Chem Show to learn about new trends, technologies and techniques from the leading industry experts. A significant number of processing pros tell us they come for the educational sessions to keep abreast of all the hottest industry developments.  It is the only place they can learn about all the latest technologies and trends in an educational session and then see them in operation on the Show floor.

5. Enhance Their Operations: Although I’ve listed this reason last, it is probably the No. 1 benefit to many of the attendees. I’ve had many Chem Show attendees tell me they have discovered innovative solutions at the show that have saved their companies thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are interested in discovering innovative products and solutions that can save your company significant time and money, please reserve Nov. 1-3 in your calendar and plan to attend the leading chemical processing event in New York City. 

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