2012 Salary Survey: What Satisfies

April 3, 2012
Challenge and stimulating work are top satisfiers.

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Editor's Note: This is Figure 6 from the 2012 Salary Survey: Salaries Move Ahead – Slowly.

As in the previous year, the challenge and stimulation of the work lead to a high degree of satisfaction, according to 71% (1,103) of respondents. Salary and benefits follows at 57% (891). Other factors readers say contribute to a highly satisfying job include: colleagues, 45% (692); the work environment, 37% (579); and making products that help people, 32% (498).

"If you're working just for salary and not job satisfaction, suggest moving on, even at lower salary. I view job satisfaction above all else, as you're spending 40+ hours a week at your job, and doing something you enjoy will only make you want to succeed more," comments a reader.

Another respondent also recognized the long work hours, but says "the rewards are great."

"The benefits are above average and are okay. I am paid hourly which works better for me than salary. But I would feel better if I was making about 15% more, based on my experience and contributions. However, this does not impact my appreciation of this position and my enjoyment of it," says another.

How the Data Were Gathered
A total of 1,564 respondents participated in this year's survey.

From January through March, respondents accessed the survey questionnaire via a link listed on the www.ChemicalProcessing.com Web site, in e-newsletters and in e-mail blasts sent to readers. Additionally, those who follow Chemical Processing on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn also were encouraged to participate.

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