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Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption Winner August 22, 2010

Aug. 22, 2010
Congratulations to Bob Vaughn for submitting the winning caption to the Comical Processing cartoon. A new cartoon has been posted.
"Comical Processing" features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. It’s our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work —  by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

I ask for a bird dog & they send me a nerd dog.

Honorable Mentions

"You've been screwing around in the Erectile Dysfunction lab again, haven't you? Submitted  by  Don Haese

"Sorry, boy, no treat. I specifically said 48 liter test tube and that's a 47 liter one." Submitted  by  Jeff de los Santos

"I said big test tube scrubber." Submitted  by  Brad Donnelly; Exton, Pa.

Click here to see the current Comical Processing cartoon.

Other Submissions

"Please tell me you didn't swipe that rubber finger guard from accounting's big hands Hoolihan!" Submitted  by  Chuck Lewis

"No Rover we don't have time to play fetch, now get back to work running those tests."Submitted  by  Harold Paine

"Oops, I forgot dogs can't see red. I guess I'll get that giant red test tube myself. " Submitted  by  Henry Yan; San Diego

"No, we do not use test tubes to make babies."Submitted  by  Jatin Shah

"Don't come to me wagging your tail I have no use for that test tube." Submitted  by  Donald Drummond; Clarksburg, W.V.

"Good boy! Now you can fill it with water and then drink. . . " Submitted  by  Nídia Sá Caetano

"You'll never get Timmy out of the well with that." Submitted  by  Kirby Hostetler; Barberton, Ohio

"I know we are an IVF company, but test tube bones will never work." Submitted  by  Kenneth W. Russell; Alpharetta, Ga

"Hold that thing the right way, or I'll bring Cesar Millan in here!" Submitted  by  Bob Vaughn

" I told you to stay away from Karen's workstation!" Submitted  by  Jason W. Gathright

"Soooo . . . you drank the potion and now you are a dog. That is just GREAT!!! Do you realize that I haven't created the antidote?" Submitted  by  David Debari

"No Cory I said Fetch the giant Snubber." Submitted  by  Brent L. Spangler; Selinsgrove, Pa.

"It won't fit!" Submitted  by  Rick Staley; Maryville, Mo.

"Marketing Dept: We are not playing fetch, put that back . . .How many times have I told you to stay out of my lab?" Submitted  by  Robert Andrew

"Max, return that immediately. You know that's the Jet Blue steward's favorite customer finger! " Submitted  by  Chuck Lewis

"Bad Boy.....Now I have to go and apologize to the lab again." Submitted  by  Robert Andrew

"Perfect, now go see if you buried the plumber."Submitted  by  George Collins

"Fine; just remember under RCRA you can't bury it." Submitted  by  Joseph Barbanel

"Why can't you stop being such a nerd and just fetch my slippers??"Submitted  by  Richard Gauthe

"You always come back with the same retort, don't you?" Submitted  by  Rob Falconer; Lakeland, Fla.

" Before you bury another one, we'd better get your eyes tested." Submitted  by  Rob Falconer; Lakeland, Fla.

"This is their idea of supply-chain optimization?" Submitted  by  Sophia Christopher; Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

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