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Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption Winner June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011
Congratulations to Chad from St. Louis, Mo., for submitting the winning caption. See if you've got what it takes to be the next winner -- a new cartoon has been posted.
"Comical Processing" features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. It’s our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work —  by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.

Everything looks great! No signs of any animal infestations.
That wraps up the GMP audit with a pa. . . 

Honorable Mentions

 "I know you said the equipment around here was prehistoric, but I didn't realize you kept the dinosaurs too." Submitted  by Sanjay Gangal; Louisville, KY

"Hey Fred, remember the rumor that this was a former Sinclair Oil Refinery?" Submitted  by Bob Vaughn

"Where did you say you got those water treatment chemicals?" Submitted  by Robert N, Pennsylvania

"Have we checked radiation levels lately?" Submitted  by Kirby Hostetler; Barberton, OH

Click here to see the current Comical Processing cartoon.


"Joe . . . JOE! I though fossil fuels were made from EXTINCT dinosaurs!" Submitted  by Beverly S. Turner

"Heh Joe, you're right, the going GREEN initiative has begun!" Submitted  by Jeffrey Haus

"Hey Eric...I don't think you'll have time to post that performance improvement card!" Submitted  by Craig Watkinson; Nottingham, UK

"Hey Marty, read that last sentence again. You know the one that says you and I are now responsible for feeding the watch dog." Submitted  by Chuck Lewis

"George . . . I think the company's new security system is being installed." Submitted  by Chuck Lewis

"I know the company has talked about being vertically integrated for petroleum products, but going all the way back to the dinosaur seems a bit too far." Submitted  by Sanjay Gangal; Louisville, KY

"Walk over to that clearing and wave. I want to get your picture for Comical Processing's genius of the year award." Submitted  by John King (no relation to the artist Jerry)

"Hay joe what is that big prehistorical monster coming over these tanks?" Submitted  by Donald Drummond; Clarksburg, WVA

"Hey Chuck how fast can you RUN???" Submitted  by Ferman Prewitt; Monett, Mo.

"Does the msds mention anything about reptilian side effects?" Submitted  by Jatin D. Shah

"Do you ever get the feeling that HR is watching us?" Submitted  by Bob Vaughn

"Do you know the new guys name? I think we are about to meet him." Submitted  by Todd Hindman

"Hey Bob, he wants to know if we've seen King Kong around." Submitted  by Jim Higginbotham; Chicago

"Shouldn't he have a hardhat and safety glasses on?. . . " Submitted  by Phil Baker; Canaseraga, NY

"When you said our new product has some unique new hazards – what exactly did you mean?" Submitted  by Chris Miller

"Does your work order say anything about calling out the National Guard?" Submitted  by Paul Plante

"I think we're going to need a bigger hammer!" Submitted  by Paul Plante

"Hey George, I think the bacteria in the biofuel fermenter has mutated. " Submitted  by Harold Paine

"Japan's Tsunami woke up Godzilla, either that or the radiation is really affecting wildlife." Submitted  by Mervin Archer

"Talk about a dinosaur, I thought that style of tank went out in the sixties!" Submitted  by Scott Goldblatt; Spruce Pine, NC

"Do you have another pair of pants I could borrow?" Submitted  by Kirby Hostetler; Barberton, OH

"I had a BAD feeling when I got up this morning!!!!" Submitted  by Michael T. Stonestreet; Pasadena, Texas

"Uhhhh, Bob, can those waste eating bacteria mutate?" Submitted  by Mike Beyers; Robbinsville, NJ

"Hey! Hank, remember that time, I said I lost my son's pet" Submitted  by Elizabeth Alexxis Vasconez; Rockleigh, NJ

"Joe? Is this one of those 'gremlins' you're always saying cause us problems?" Submitted  by Terry L. Castor

"They're really going too far to find new solutions to fossil fuel." Submitted  by Ceana Prado; East Windsor, NJ

"Uh, Gary, I'm not joking. We really have created a monster!" Submitted  by Paul Menary; Brantford, ON, Canada

"Are you sure there aren't any strange side effects?" Submitted  by Kyra Arthur; Olmsted Falls, Ohio

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