Comical Processing: You Write The Cartoon Caption Winner January 9, 2012

Jan. 9, 2012
Congratulations to Luther Dickens, who submitted the winning caption to this cartoon. Think you can write a funny caption? Be sure to check out our latest cartoon.
"Comical Processing" features drawings by award-winning cartoonist Jerry King. It’s our way of letting you take a break from all the serious stuff you deal with at work —  by coming up with appropriate light-hearted captions.
Green? I said "clean" room.

Honorable Mentions

"When the lab manager said to Green the Lab, this is not what he meant. " Submitted  by  Ronald C. Miles

"Good job, Clark. Now go paint a blue sky over Tray Tower No. 3 and we'll be ready for inspection." Submitted  by  Phil Miller; Oakton, Va.

"I'd hate to see you paint the town red." Submitted  by  Dale Stout; Colorado Springs, Co.

"I changed my mind...I want it blue." Submitted  by  Larry Shade

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"Good work Bob! Now no one can accuse us of not being GREEN enough!" Submitted  by  Scott J. Weston

"Disgusting, just disgusting! I wanted a gloss finish, not this disgusting matte finish!" Submitted  by  George M. Hudak

"You missed a spot, right there on the end of the conveyor – last roller. Can't you do anything right? " Submitted  by  George M. Hudak

"When I said paint "all the areas Luminous Green", I meant all the High Risk Areas......"work" is not a high risk Jerry! " Submitted  by  Craig Watkinson

"It'll look fine after another coat." Submitted  by  Peter Clarke

"OK, let's just run over the scope of work one more time." Submitted  by  Peter Clarke

"Good! Now everyone will think our stuff is good for the environment!" Submitted  by  Tom Schroeter

"I'm afraid you've worked as a greenkeeper before!" Submitted  by  Jürgen Lehmann

"What's this? Indiscriminate "GREENING" will make everybody go 'color-blind' and may result in accident; don't you know that?" Submitted  by  K.A.Thariq Muhamed Salim

"Without question -- you did exactly what I said -- again." Submitted  by  Tom Brockmann

"Bob, when I told marketing to get rid of the overproduction of green paint, I wanted you to sell it, not paint the place!" Submitted  by  Keith Wamsley

"Thanks -- This should hide the spatter here in the pea soup R&D lab." Submitted  by  Ronald C. Miles

"Green Technology" Submitted  by  Diego Alejandro David Vazquez

"When I said the Company was going 'Green,' I didn't mean it literally. . . " Submitted  by  Bruce L. Wilcox

"Bob, I am afraid you didn't catch the meaning 'go green.'" Submitted  by  Gus Velásquez

"Too much Green is not necessarily GOOD." Submitted  by  Phil Ulichney

"You still need to more work on that idea of not painting yourself into a corner!" Submitted  by  Gerry McGhie

"I said 'GREEN ENERGY plant' not green plant." Submitted  by  Jim Baracewicz

"It is our company directive to go green at lowest cost and create local jobs." Submitted  by  Milind Ranade

"This will be good enough for the EPA." Submitted  by  Mike Gaudette

"“Do not 'greenwash' our image. We are serious about going green!" Submitted  by  Nico Stolz

"This is not what I meant when I said the plant was going green!" Submitted  by  Robert Andrew

"What other colors are you to use other than green, go clean the paint off you." Submitted  by  Donald Drummond; Clarksburg, W. Va.

"I'm not joking! The company was bought out an hour ago. The first thing the new plant manager said was, make sure my office has white walls cause I really hate the color green!" Submitted  by  Chuck Lewis

"Why is your hat still yellow and your shirt still red?" Submitted  by  Joseph A. Weaver, Jr.

"Why are engineers so literal? Go research what 'going green' means." Submitted  by  Judy Craft; Sarasota, Fla.

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