Operational Efficiency Webinar On Demand

Feb. 25, 2013
Getting the most out of assets is an imperative at plants. Optimizing performance of equipment during processing and minimizing downtime are crucial. This panel discussion looks at practical ways sites can improve their operational efficiency and improve their bottom line.

During this panel discussion, presenters Bernie Price, CEO of Polaris Veritas Inc., and Renard Klubnik, Application Engineer at Wilcoxon Research, stressed the importance of undergoing a mindset change when it comes to operational efficiency and operator errors. [pullquote]

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Bernie noted that when the only tool you have in your bag is a hammer, all problems look like a nail. This thought process will only intensify problems. He suggests that management get behind operators and remove the threat of punishment when errors are made.

Bernie is an active field consultant. In a 45-year career he has demonstrated an ability to help client plants to substantially improve Reliability, Operating Accuracy and Improve Overall Plant Efficiency. Recently he has developed a simple methodology that allows clients to "Substantially Improve their Operational Accuracy"- (the source of more than 45% of all defects typically found in plants.) A Mechanical Engineer, Bernie holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wales, has authored and presented numerous papers on Reliability, Safety and Operational Accuracy world wide. His client list includes Cabot, Koch, Carus, Monsanto, Champion Technologies and FMC.

Frequency of Operator Errors
Low stress, moderate stress, high stress and extreme stress impact the rate of performance errors. 

Renard's portion of the presentation echoed Bernie's thoughts and stressed the importance of preventive maintenance. Renard  has been an application engineer at Wilcoxon Research for five years, and has over 30 years of experience and expertise in the sound and vibration field. He was an applications engineer for several industry leading firms, like Bruel & Kjaer, CSI and MB Dynamics. His professional experience also includes work as a reliability engineer and years as an independent consultant on advanced noise and vibration analysis techniques. He has contributed to the noise and vibration community as co-founder of the Northern Ohio Chapter of the Vibration Institute, and was its chairman for the first two years.

Want to learn more? Register to instantly access this on-demand event. Scroll down the page to the Available to View Now section.

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