News Coverage: Weeding Works Wonders

Aug. 1, 2016
You only see the most timely and pertinent news

I’m as much a weeder as I am a gardener. There’s something cathartic about pulling weeds out by the roots and clearing an area to let the intended plants bloom. Some days I spend hours puttering around the yard ridding it of unwelcome growth. Other days I just need a quick 10-minute break from work to clear my mind; pulling a few weeds does the trick. This last break I realized that weeding and editing are similar.


Editors take an overgrowth of inputs and prune until a story appears. You see the blooms and probably never realize weeds existed. The same is true for reporting news. On a daily basis, hundreds of press releases vie for attention. In truth, only a small fraction are worth publishing. To be newsworthy, an item must be timely and pertinent — being innovative or inspiring is a plus but not enough. For each release, I ask myself: “Why does this matter to my audience?” If I can answer that question, I write a news item. I know I might miff a few flacks (what editors affectionately call PR folks) along the way but I’m most concerned about what’s valuable to you. I know you don’t have time to weed through nonessential material — so, you rely on me to tidy the garden.

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Lately we’ve been working overtime in the garden. With our ramped up online news coverage, we’ve noticed a trend in stories that matter to you. Safety, mergers and movers and shakers usually get a fair amount of traffic. Here are the top five news items so far in 2016:

1. Deadly Explosion Caused By Over-Pressurized Tank
One person was killed and three people were injured after a chemical tank explosion at a PeroxyChem plant in Pasadena, Texas. The company's main product is hydrogen peroxide.

2. Rockwell Automation Names Blake Moret CEO
The board of directors of Rockwell Automation elects Blake D. Moret, a 30-year veteran of the company, as president and chief executive officer, effective July 1, 2016.

3. Global Chemical M&A Activity Remains Strong
Global chemical mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity is expected to remain buoyant in 2016, building on the strong momentum experienced in 2015, says a report from Deloitte Global.

4. Dow Explosion Triggered By Chemical Reaction
An explosion at a Dow Chemical plant in northeastern Massachusetts injured five employees. The employees received critical burns and shrapnel-like wounds.

5. Industrial Scientific Unveils Gas Detection App
Industrial Scientific introduces the Gas Detection Made Easy mobile application. The team designed the app based on the curriculum taught during basic and advanced courses.

We’ll continue to wade through the weeds to unearth the gems. You can check out all of our news coverage here:

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