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Enhance Your Chemical Processing Navigation Skills

April 3, 2018
Take advantage of built-in site features to find information more easily

We pack a lot of information into ChemicalProcessing.com. It not only contains all our award-winning magazine content but also so much more. Our home page features the main story of the day as well as top stories that week. In addition, it provides easy access to online exclusive content, industry news, most popular items, our Chemical Reaction blog and products. But what about the other stuff we offer? You can find all of it via the two menu bars at the top of every page.


Starting from the top, you’ll see a black navigation bar. This houses seven links. The first is Home (you can go to our home page from any page on the site by clicking here or on the Chemical Processing logo).

The next link is Technical Resources. This will take you to a page that features eHandbooks that offer a wealth of information on a single topic; Minute Clinic podcasts that cover a variety of topics via short, informative Q&A-style interviews — new episodes appear often; white papers; special reports that combine information from Chemical Processing and industry experts to delve deep into current topics that impact and influence your chemical facility; reliability-centered maintenance PDFs; Supplier Source Guide, which is an easy-to-use guide to help locate suppliers to the chemical, petrochemical and refining industries; and a portal to upcoming webinars.

Our News section covers what’s happening in industry and is updated daily. This area also offers access to our monthly Economic Snapshots, which looks at three key metrics. Each month’s Snapshot tracks two chemical-industry-specific indicators: shipments and capacity utilization. It also includes data on the Chemical Activity Barometer, which is a leading indicator of the state of the overall U.S. economy.

Columns & Blogs provides a quick way to get to all the monthly columns that appear in the magazine as well as web-exclusive columns and our Chemical Reaction blog.

eNewsletters & Magazine houses links to current online and print publications, issue archives, editorial staff and editorial board members, and our editorial guidelines. You also can find information on Vaaler Awards as well as a link to subscribe to the print magazine and its digital edition.

Products & Vendors will give you access to the searchable products database, an events calendar, vendor videos, vendor literature, case studies and industry links. It also contains another link to the Supplier Source Guide.

And finally, check out the Fun tab. Having fun boosts your ability to think outside the box to solve problems. So while you’re at our site for sound technical advice, be sure to visit the lighter side. Under this tab you will find Comical Processing cartoons; fun quizzes; the Chemical Reaction blog, which is a snarky, lighthearted look at what’s going on in the chemical industry; poll results; and a link to request your very own The World’s Okayest Chemical Engineer bumper sticker.

The second navigation bar appears just below the Chemical Processing logo. Hover over any of the six categories there — Automation, Processing Equipment, Asset Management, Environmental Protection, Safety/Security and Utilities/Energy — to get a more-detailed breakout of each section. For example, the Automation category contains subsections on automation & IT, wireless technology, analyzers, control systems, instrumentation and safety instrumented systems. Hovering over any element of this granular menu shows the most recent story, a short blurb and an image if one is available. To the right, you’ll see all other recent content pertaining to that topic.

In addition to the two top menu bars, the bottom of every page houses what we call the Super Footer. It’s a skeleton of everything on our website placed into four main buckets: About, which has general information, contact info, subscription services, guidelines, media kits, calendars and issue previews. Content features columns and blogs, news, the Ask The Experts forum, puzzlers, cartoons, white papers, reports, videos, podcasts — essentially anything with editorial thought behind it. Magazine focuses on the issues of the magazine, editorial board information and access to the editors. Stay Connected has links to all of our social media accounts as well as the RSS feed.

You’ll notice some overlap of information in the various menus. This is by design. We want to be sure that wherever you search you’ll find what you’re looking for. If we fail in that pursuit, please let us know. You can email your thought to me at [email protected].

Traci Purdum is Chemical Processing's senior digital editor. You can email her at [email protected].

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