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Dec. 3, 2019
The most-read articles, columns and news items offer valuable insights


It’s that time of year – time to reflect on the past 12 months and see what issues resonated with our readers. As I was combing through the metrics, I couldn’t help but notice that safety incidents topped the list of most-viewed news items and several columns. From chemical plant explosions to song parodies for safety and foiling HAZOP failings, safety continues to be top of mind for readers.

Additionally, our myriad case studies and how-to articles always get ample views. Whether you want to take the heat off pinch analysis or identify orifice plate issues, Chemical Processing delivered.

Now, let’s explore which particular content has attracted the greatest attention on the site this year. So, here, based on 2019 page views at presstime, is a list of the most popular content by type.

Top Articles

1. U.S. Chemical Industry Soars
Competitive advantages and massive investments underscore positive prospects.

2. Tips To Select The Right Flame Detector
Consider a number of factors to determine the most appropriate option.

3. Digital Transformation Lags In Chemical Industry
Process industries have unique challenges. BASF and Dow explain how they address these challenges and waltz forward.

Top News

1. Video: Death Toll Rises From Blast At Gas Plant In China
An explosion at a gasification plant in China’s central Henan province has killed at least 10 people, seriously injuring 19 more.

2. Death Toll Rises To 78 In China Chemical Explosion
According to the South China Morning Post, police have detained Tianjiayi Chemical’s key executives.

3. Explosion Kills One, Injures Others At Texas Chemical Plant
Workers at the plant said they were warned of a leak and were ordered to evacuate just moments before a series of explosions erupted.

Top Columns

Chemical Reaction Blog
1. Bayer Roundup Reveals Smear Campaign
Monsanto operated a “fusion center” to monitor and discredit journalists and activists, and targeted a reporter who wrote a book critical of the company.

2. Song Parody Pleads For Safety
Presenting safety protocols in an entertaining manner can even help cement best practices.

Compliance Advisor
1. EPA Ranks Chemicals For Risk Evaluation
Agency issues list of 20 high- and 20 low-priority materials.

2. EPA Proposes PBT Chemicals Rule
TSCA regulation recognizes environmental and biological issues posed by five chemicals.

End Point
1. Cold Plasma Gets A Closer Look
Project could boost production of bulk chemicals and fuels.

2. Blue Jean Dye Process Goes Green
New method reduces use of hazardous chemicals and water as well as cuts cotton waste.

Energy Saver
1. Why You Should Consider A Thermocompressor
This unit offers potential opportunities for improving energy efficiency.

2. Take The Heat Off Pinch Analysis
Composite curves help determine proper heat transfer and energy savings.

Field Notes
1. Don’t Thumb Your Nose At Rules Of Thumb
Some can provide useful estimates if applied with appropriate caution.

2. Foil HAZOP Failings
Poor preparation and follow-up undermine safety reviews.

From The Editor
1. Recycling: Rally ‘Round The Circular Economy
Discarded plastics underscore both the problem and the opportunity.

2. Process Safety Demands Perseverance
Industry must never accept current performance as good enough.

Making It Work
1. New Batch Control System Boosts Solvent Plant
Upgrading obsolete controls helps improve quality control and throughput.

2. Refinery Improves Cybersecurity
Site bolsters defenses by using managed security services.

Plant InSites
1. Don’t Let Orifice Calculations Put You In A Hole
Significant mistakes can occur even for such a simple device.

2. Identify Orifice Plate Issues
Various culprits can compromise flow measurements

Solid Advice
1. Evaluate Different Facets Of Crystal Phases
Knowing more about a crystal than just its solubility is important.

2. Properly Instrument Your Solids Process
Four types of measurements usually make sense.

TRACI PURDUM is Chemical Processing's Senior Digital Editor. You can email her at [email protected]

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