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Most Read: Pandemic Pointers Prove Popular

Dec. 8, 2020
COVID concerns creep into the most-read content for 2020.

Every year I pull together the most popular content from ChemicalProcessing.com. It offers a barometer of what resonates with our readers. Not surprisingly, this year’s content features ways to cope during the current pandemic. Indeed, we ran many news items about plants repurposing to meet sanitizer demands and our columnists counseled how engineers could work more effectively during these unprecedented times.

However, a sense of normalcy remained regarding what is top of mind for visitors to our website: how-to articles and safety concerns.

You can see for yourself, based on 2020 page views at presstime, a list of the most popular content by type.

Top Articles

1. Choose the Correct Thermosyphon Reboiler
Both horizontal and vertical designs boast benefits for specific situations

2. Processing Equipment: Improve Your Critical Drawings
Use best practices to foster consistency in P&IDs and PFDs

3. Chemical Industry Advances Amid Choppy Seas
Current challenges don’t diminish its favorable competitive position

Top News

1. Spain Chemical Explosion Kills One, Injures Others
An explosion in a chemical hub in north-eastern Spain has caused an emergency response.

2. Chemical Reaction Triggers Explosions At Pharmaceutical Plant
A chemical reaction triggers a series of explosions that closed PCI Synthesis in Newburyport, Mass.

3. Anti-Bacterial Coating May Protect Surfaces From Coronavirus For Up To A Year
Resysten offers anti-bacterial coating that protects surfaces up to a year no matter how many times they are touched or cleaned.


Top Columns

Chemical Reaction Blog
1. Video: Soap Makes COVID-19 Fall Apart Like House Of Cards
Soap breaks up non-covalent interactions.

2. Mask Test Uses Fire To Prove Point
This short video that puts masks to the test. It involves fire, so it’s exciting.

Compliance Advisor
1. Compliance: Russia Creates New Chemical Inventory

Program allows a non-Russian company to maintain an uninterrupted supply chain in the region

2. EPA Tells Businesses To Pay Up
Agency releases list of manufacturers subject to a $1.35-million TSCA risk evaluation fee.

End Point
1 Aging Wind Turbines Pose Recycling Challenges
Report looks at alternative recycling technologies that tackle composite waste

2. Firms Repurpose To Meet Sanitizer Demands
Companies and government step up to address supply chain issues during crisis

Energy Saver
1. Take A Closer Look At Cascaded Efficiency
Consider the complete system, not individual components, when determining energy savings

2. Improve Distillation Control
Three design considerations can reduce energy, improve capacity and prevent off-spec product

Field Notes
1. Protect Your Centrifugal Pumps
Check if crucial ones lack sufficient safeguards.

2. Essential Plants Need Effective Engineers
Operating during a pandemic demands a different attitude and approach.

From The Editor
1. Open Automation Efforts Advance
Important initiatives aim to ease interoperability of systems

2. Consider Subtler Covid Consequences
The pandemic may prompt some rethinking about process equipment and careers

Making It Work
1. Petrochemical Complex Mega Project Starts Up On Time
The Sadara project in Saudi Arabia is the largest petrochemical complex ever built in a single stage.

2. Plant Pioneers Use Of Automation Concept
Integration of chiller package marks first industrial implementation of Module Type Package

Plant InSites
1. Heat Exchangers: Consider A U-Turn
A bit of extra surface area in your heat exchangers may enable you to push plant capacity.

2. Don’t Slip Up With Slipstream Filtration
The optimum configuration depends on a couple of key factors

Solid Advice
1. Emissions: Rethink Gas Cleaning
Consider alternative ways to control particulate emissions

2. Bolster Your Solids Processing Toolbox
Take advantage of various types of software when changing or improving a process

Traci Purdum is Chemical Processing's Senior Digital Editor. You can email her at [email protected].

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