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Choose Relevant Chemical Processing Content Categories

June 15, 2021
Use landing pages to quickly find information on a topic.

Visitors come to ChemicalProcessing.com for a wide variety of reasons. Some folks are looking for fluid-handling best practices while others seek guidance on motors. With those differences in mind, we’ve always utilized a category taxonomy to help you navigate the site and easily get to relevant content.

Selecting the hamburger menu (the three horizontal bars) to the left of the Chemical Processing banner at the top of any page takes you to a list of key categories. The top tiers are: Automation, Processing Equipment, Asset Management, Environmental Protection, Safety/Security, and Utilities/Energy. Choosing any one of these brings up subcategories:

Automation: automation & IT, wireless technology, analyzers, control systems, instrumentation, safety instrumented systems

Processing Equipment: design & simulation, fluid handling, powder & solids, reaction & synthesis, separations technology, heat exchangers, and motors & drives

Asset Management: reliability & maintenance, economics, training, digitalization/IIoT, and sustainability

Environmental Protection: water/wastewater, air, and ground

Safety/Security: security, cybersecurity, fire/explosion protection, physical security, risk assessment, and dust control

Utilities/Energy: energy efficiency, air, electricity, heat transfer fluids, water/steam, and vacuum systems

Each of these sections (we call them landing pages) contains hundreds of pieces of content in the form of articles, white papers, news, products, multimedia and even blogs. It’s all packaged together for a complete resource library on topics that matter most to you.

To give you an idea of what we cover, some of the popular content from each section includes:
Process Automation Opens Up. Ongoing effort aims to improve operational flexibility and asset performance.

Automate Manual Inspection Rounds. Doing so increases worker efficiency and safety and frees time for higher level activities.

Processing Equipment:
Improve Your Critical Drawings. Use best practices to foster consistency in P&IDs and PFDs.

Build Safer and More Reliable Seal Support Systems. Follow some best practices to enhance operations and reduce overall costs.

How To Convert From Horizontal To Vertical Mounts. Key mechanical factors should be considered when applying a horizontal ball-bearing motor in a vertical mounting position.

Asset Management:
Maintenance: Drones Fly Higher. Fast payback and increasing capabilities elevate role at plants.

Circular Chemistry Spins Faster. Developments foster use of renewable feedstocks and end-of-life materials.

Environmental Protection:
EPA Orders Testing For Nine Chemicals. Companies must test for ecotoxicity and skin absorption and inhalation exposures.

Direct Air Capture Technologies Ramp Up Capacity. Several joint projects aim to improve direct air capture and storage of carbon dioxide.

Podcast: Fukushima Disaster 10 Years Later -- What Have We Learned? The catastrophic incident at the Fukushima power plant 10 years ago started in 1967 when the plant was built in a tsunami-prone area.

Podcast: Focus on the Right Process Safety Indicators. The absence of an incident doesn't mean the presence of safety. Focusing on the correct indicators can help you intervene and potentially change the future.

6 Tips to Effectively Remove Contaminants From Compressed Air. Consider these common myths and tips for filtration that also minimize leakage.

Properly Select Vacuum Pump Motors. Go beyond rated power to find the real energy consumption.

Not only do we add new content from every issue of the magazine into these category buckets, we also complement our coverage with web-exclusive information. As always, our goal is to provide authoritative, practical and impartial technical information as well as details on best practices, key trends, developments and successful applications to help you be as efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and economically competitive as possible.

Traci Purdum is Chemical Processing's Senior Digital Editor. You can email her at [email protected].

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