July 21, 2004
Wireless I/O Data Transmission System
Adalet has just released the Adalet Wireless N4ANT-D2 Explosionproof Class I, Division 2 wireless I/O data transmission system for monitoring in hazardous locations. This "Patent Pending" system is ideal for moving data out of hazardous Division 2 areas to a safe area, eliminating the need for conduit and cable runs in hazardous areas. The Adalet Wireless system is UL / cUL classified and is impact resistant to UL minimum requirements. Activities such as data collection, sensor monitoring, and process control are possible with the Adalet Wireless link. Also available from Adalet is the XANT Explosionproof Class I, Division 1 system as well as the N4ANT NEMA 4X model. All systems are enclosed in a rugged, cast aluminum enclosure for hazardous locations or any industrial or general purpose area where extra protection is required.Features: 1 Watt transmitter power ● Analog signal 4-20mA ● Three contact outputs rated at 120VAC @ 0.05 amps ● Range: 600-1000 feet with obstructed line of sight ● Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum technology (Interference free operation) ● License free 902-928 MHz ISM band ● 17.5mm wide DIN-rail mounted transmitter and receiver ● Safety blue powder coating for hazloc applications and ANSI grey for NEMA 4X applications ● Stainless steel hardware ● Optional ¾-in. NPT factory sealed hub for DC power supply and analog signal communications ● Two ¾-in. NPT hub and standard third conduit entry accommodates up to 1 in. NPT Applications: Tank level ● PLC / RTU extensions ● Mills / quarries / factories ● Pump control ● Sensor monitoring ● Waste / wastewater ● Utilities ● Oil & gas ● Irrigation systems ● Petrochemical