Lanxess Launches Lewabrane Reverse Osmosis Elements

Feb. 17, 2016
Lanxess introduces new reverse osmosis elements.

Lanxess introduces new reverse osmosis (RO) elements from its Lewabrane product line: Lewabrane B400 LE ASD and Lewabrane B400 FR ASD. Developed for brackish water applications, the elements are 40 inches long, 8 inches in diameter and feature low energy consumption and high fouling resistance, according to the company.

The feed spacers incorporated in the membrane elements are multifunctional. They create space between the membrane surfaces for fast-flowing water, support the membrane and cause turbulent water flow. Filaments or strands of different thickness are used for the alternating strand design (ASD) feed spacers. Computational fluid dynamic (CFD) prototypes exhibited lower pressure drop than standard grades and reduced the tendency towards scaling, according to the company. Lanxess expects reduced energy usage and extended dwell times based on its testing.