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May 8, 2007
Chemical Processing's Equipment & Services feature provides a variety of production equipment, supplier services and parts.

Chemical metering pumps provide mounting options

The PHP-600 series pumps can be easily mounted anywhere in your plant. The front has horizontal mounting via a broad flat base and mounting holes for tank, shelf or floor mounting. The rear has mounting holes to facilitate vertical mounting. The pump valve assembly and unit control is located in the front of the pump so there is never a problem with installation or flow adjustments. Because the pumps use a minimum of moving parts, they reduce the likelihood of mechanical failure. The pumps have a seal which offers NEMA 4 (IP65) protection against splashes and spills. Each CE-compliant pump comes with discharge and suction valves installed, polyethylene tubing and an operator's manual.

Omega Engineering; (203) 359-1660

Pellet screener keeps longs flat

These Plastic Pellet Screeners use a horizontal, gyratory/reciprocating motion, and a dual velocity drive with a positive displacement stroke, to achieve removal of oversize and longs. The long stroke, gyratory motion spreads pellets evenly across the full width of the unit. The motion then stratifies the material for efficient removal of fines and separation of oversize from the on-spec pellets. Good pellets are not removed with the oversize. The motion contains no vertical component, so long pellets, “toothpicks” and “jackstraws” remain flat on the screen deck.

Rotex; (800) 453-2321

Batch mixer blends quickly and uniformly

The 700-TH-40-SS sanitary rotary batch mixer gently blends batches of ingredients in parts as small as one per million with 100% uniformity. In less than three minutes, it evacuates 100% of the batch, and can be rapidly sanitized with no tools. The unit is designed with a retractable inlet for rapid, thorough washdown, a stationary discharge, and a rotating drum with proprietary mixing flights that tumble, turn and fold material gently, imparting minimal energy to the batch, regardless of disparities in the bulk densities, particle sizes or flow characteristics of batch ingredients. The mixer has a useable batch capacity of 40 ft3(1.132 m3), total capacity of 80 ft3 (2.27 m3) and weight capacity of 4,000 lbs (1,814 kg), and is said to be equally effective in blending of batches from 100 down to 5% of rated capacity.

Munson Machinery; (800) 944-6644

Flow meter handles tough services

The Sultan Flow open-channel flow meter is said to provide accurate real-time measurement for difficult applications. Featuring continuous 4-20mA output, alarm relays, failsafe relays and serial data via RS-485 with Modbus, the flow meter measures head, flow rate and flow volume and rate totalization. It offers an easy menu-driven configuration for standard weir and flume shapes. Available in two-wire loop powered, three-wire DC or four-wire AC/DC, the flow meter can handle a variety of applications, including open channel flow, special requirements for unusual flow channels, water treatment, sewage treatment, irrigation, industrial waste and power waste.

Hawk Measurement Systems; (888) 429-5538

Screen changer can manage up to four screens simultaneously

This screen changer can speed screen changes on sieves, screeners and separators while reducing the risk of operator injury and mesh damage. It enables mesh screens to be changed quickly, safely and easily by a single operator without manual lifting or additional tools. This improves plant productivity while reducing downtime and labor costs at every screen change, inspection or cleaning. This highly flexible unit can be used with most round separators from 48-in. to 60-in. diameter from almost any manufacturer. As it lifts up to four sieve, screener or separator decks at once, with or without deblinding devices, it allows even the bottom screen to be changed without disassembling the decks above it.

Russell Finex; (704) 588-9808

Valve simplifies sterile powder transfer

The aseptic ChargePoint high-containment split butterfly valve enables powder transfer without risk of product contamination or operator exposurec. The valve allows products to be transferred in a sterile manner, by creating an intermediate chamber, which can be sterilized before each product transfer. This in situ sterilization capability ensures sterility of the split valve parts when fully docked. The intermediate docking position allows cleaning and irrigation of the intermediate zone with HEPA filtered nitrogen or air to achieve Grade A/Class 100 environment prior to sterilization with hydrogen peroxide vapor. This cleaning and sterilization cycle enables aseptic product transfers and connections. The combination of decontamination and sterilization results in prevention of endotoxins and minimization of bioburden.

Powder Systems Limited; (208) 376 7008

Filter provides for reuse of water

The EBS is an automatic filter, with a self-cleaning mechanism driven by an electric motor. It is designed to work with various types of screens in filtration degrees from 500 to 10 micron, and is available in 8-in. to 24-in. inlet/outlet diameter. Unfiltered water flows into the filter through the inlet flange of the filter body. Water then proceeds through the cylindrical stainless steel filter element (screen) from the inside out causing particulates larger than the filtration degree of the screen to accumulate on the inside surface of the screen, progressively developing a filter cake. The filter cake, in turn, begins to trap particles much smaller than the openings in the screen. The filter operation and cleaning cycle is controlled and monitored by a Programmable Logic Control (PLC).

Amiad Filtration Systems; (800) 969-4055

Rotary tray dryer treats all particles for same duration

The Turbo-Dryer features can dry capsules, pellets, beads and tablets to a final moisture or volatiles level as low as 0.001%. This design insures that all individual particles are treated for the same length of time under controlled conditions. The continuous rotary tray dryer provides: precise, automatic control of the residence time and temperature for uniform output and very low-residual-moisture; gentle handling for minimum dust fines; containment of product, gases and odors, and solvent recovery ability; and continuous operation for greater production and low energy and operating costs.

Wyssmont Co.; (201) 947-4600

Striped tubing helps identify different lines

The Colortrax line of striped fluoropolymer tubing can be used to distinguish  chemical-processand fluid-handling lines or other types of connections where quick tube identification is necessary. The tubing boasts a stripe that runs its entire length and provides instant, positive identification of lines without obstructing the view of the media flowing through the tube.. It is available in PTFE, FEP and PFA resins, in sizes up to 1-in. OD and in up to 10 striping colors. For more lines, two stripes of the same or different colors can be placed side by side.

Parker-TexLoc; (800) 438-9562

Reverse osmosis spiral elements work with fine chemicals

The Fluid Systems Spirapro TFC line of SR3 and RO pharmaceutical and fine chemicals spiral elements are said to significantly lower operating costs for a wide variety of applications, including selective rejection, desalting and organics concentration. The elements utilize a proprietary, polyamide thin-film composite membrane with a sanitary spiral-wound net outerwrap. The molecular weight cut-off for the TFC SR3 is such that the membrane will pass monovalent salts like sodium chloride, yet provide high retention of multivalent ions and uncharged organic solutes. These elements can be useful for separating small molecules from chromatography effluent or other intermediate purification processes.

Koch Membrane Systems; (888) 677-5624

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