Water Purification Filters Remove Small Particles, Bacteria

Oct. 17, 2008
Argonide Corp.'s filters remove small particles and bacteria.

Argonide Corp., a Sanford, Fla.-based company that manufactures water purification filters, has recently announced the availability of its NanoCeram-PAC high performance activated carbon filters in 30-inch and 40-inch lengths. NanoCeram, the company’s original product, is capable of removing small particles, bacteria and virus from water at high flow rates, using the principle of electrostatic attraction and adsorption. The filter has received many awards including the 2005 Hall of Fame award from the Space Foundation.   

The applications for these pleated carbon-based filter cartridges include drinking water for residential and commercial use, and in process and wastewater applications for industry. These filters are capable of removing a wide range of soluble and insoluble contaminants as compared with most water filter systems where the sediment and activated carbon stages are separate and often require separate housings. NanoCeram-PAC filters are highly efficient for removing chlorine, bromine, and iodine; and should also prove to be efficient with other contaminants known to be removed by carbon such as halogenated organics, endocrine disruptors and other soluble toxic substances. This is in addition to proven effectiveness at removing pathogenic microbes, turbidity, color and odor.  
The carbon technology is fully commercialized in pleated filter form under the trade name NanoCeram-PAC and is now available in longer configurations that are often used in industrial filter housings.