Explosion Isolation Pinch Valve Prevents Deflagration Propagation

Jan. 21, 2010

Fike is introducing a pneumatically-operated Explosion Isolation Pinch Valve (EIPV) that further expands the company’s full range of explosion protection solutions.

The EIPV is an economical, yet highly reliable form of Explosion Isolation—a method for preventing deflagration propagation through interconnecting pipes or conveying lines, thereby protecting additional process equipment and/or operating locations. The newly released EIPV consists of a heavy duty cast valve body containing a rugged elastomeric sleeve. Upon explosion detection, compressed air is released at high speed and within milliseconds the sleeve is “pinched” to full closure, stopping explosion propagation beyond the valve.

“Used in conjunction with other Fike explosion protection system components, the EIPV is designed to provide an economical way to prevent deflagration propagation”, explained Vince Barreto, Fike Global Product Manager, Explosion Protection. “Through extensive testing, the design has proven to block explosion pressures of 3 bar.”

To achieve this activation, the EIPV uses a new solenoid output version of Fike’s EPACO control system. Additionally, the EIPV can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, can be reset by users, and is virtually maintenance free. The product is CE and ATEX tested and certified.