Software Stores And Retrieves Material Data

May 23, 2012
Ariel Data Manager is designed to help material managers optimize SAP Material Master.

3E Company has released the Ariel Data Manager (ADM)-MM, a new product compliance content solution that helps material managers optimize SAP Material Master (MM) as a central source for storing and retrieving material-specific data. The new solution enables SAP MM users to collect, manage, and integrate critical regulatory product compliance documents directly into their SAP systems.

ADM-MM promotes efficiency and compliance with solution for integrating valuable content in SAP MM. ADM-MM’s content management features enable users to import robust document sets, including safety data sheets (SDS), compliance declarations, technical data sheets, and material declarations, directly into SAP MM for association with purchase requisitions, bills of materials (BOMs), and finished goods.

When combined with 3E’s custom obtainment and SDS management services, ADM-MM also promotes enhanced supplier communications and data extraction; global document obtainment and delivery; and SAP MM-related resource optimization. In addition, combining the solution with 3E services to obtain additional compliance content from suppliers presents many additional benefits.