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SDS Authoring Platform Includes GHS Enhancements

Sept. 11, 2014
3E released MSDgen 6.54, the latest version of its Safety Data Sheet (SDS) authoring system.

Chemical Regulatory Compliance Tool Offers More Support for Global Requirements

Jan. 3, 2014
Compliance tool features a new PCTEC Plus module.

SDS System Supports OSHA HCS Standard

Nov. 25, 2012
Modules help streamline the development of accurate and compliant hazard communication documentation for the latest global regulatory requirements.

Online Module Speeds Creation Of Safety Cards

Oct. 12, 2012
Module automates creation of employee safety cards for increased accuracy and validity

Software Manages Hazard Communication Documents

July 26, 2012
New version provides access to over 4.5 million safety data sheets.

Software Manages Hazard Communication Documents

July 26, 2012
New version provides access to over 4.5 million safety data sheets.

Software Stores And Retrieves Material Data

May 23, 2012
Ariel Data Manager is designed to help material managers optimize SAP Material Master.

Authoring Service Addresses REACH Conformance

April 30, 2012
Service alleviates burden of producing exposure scenarios and extended SDS documents.

MSDS Authoring System Is REACH Compliant

June 23, 2011
MSDgen 6.05 aligns with the latest European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) chemical safety guidance and handles an unlimited number of materials and scenarios.

Integrated MSDS Data Can Streamline Development Of Hazard Communication Documentation

May 20, 2011
3E Integrated MSDS Data for MSDgen enables customers to load and update the data found on vendor MSDS documents into MSDgen.

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Mobile Site Provides Instant Access To Chemical Inventory

April 19, 2011
Customers that have Universal Product Codes associated with their products can also scan barcodes and automatically retrieve the relevant MSDS and related information on their...

MSDS Management Tool Supports GHS Conformance

April 1, 2011
New GHS and CLP tools within 3E Online provide support for downstream GHS classification and labeling requirements worldwide, potentially reducing the time and resources necessary...

Enhanced Chemical Approval Tool Provides Regulatory Impact Analysis

Nov. 22, 2010
The Chemical Approval module allows the chemical approval manager to review MSDSs and other product information to determine whether the product should be allowed on site.

Solution Can Create REACH Exposure Scenarios

Aug. 23, 2010
The Ariel ES Phrase Library is available either as a stand-alone MS Access database or as SAP EHS-formatted import files.

MSDS Authoring System Can Simplify Hazard Document Development

July 20, 2010
3E Co. announces the availability of MSDgen 6.04, the newest version of its material safety data sheet (MSDS) authoring system. The new system offers users access to data that...

MSDS Management System Has Alert Capability

Oct. 28, 2009
3E Company recently introduced a new Revision Alert module for use with 3E Online - MSDS, the Company's award-winning Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) management system. The ...

International Hotline for Chemical Incidents

March 30, 2009
3E Company announces its Global Chemical Incident Response Hotline service

Data Management Solution Helps Users Manage Inbound MSDS

Feb. 23, 2009
3E Company presents the Ariel Data Manager-VMSDS

New Material Safety Data Sheet Authoring System Available

Feb. 16, 2009
3E Company introduces MSDgen 6.01