Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Orion 8000 Series Analyer Platform

May 5, 2021
The Thermo Scientific Orion 8000 Series Analyzer Platform meets the high-quality water analysis needs of industrial facilities.

Municipal and industrial facilities where high quality water analysis is of critical importance can now benefit from a new flexible monitoring offering designed to deliver enhanced productivity, maximum uptime, lower cost of ownership and optimized chemistry for reduced waste, according to Thermo Fisher Scientific. Incorporating optical or electrode-based measurement technologies, the Orion 8000 Series Analyzer Platform integrates multiple analyzers, each one monitoring a single water parameter, while covering a wide range of concentrations for use across several applications, such as drinking, ultrapure, cooling, boiler and wastewater analysis. This means the platform can meet the high-quality water analysis needs of a broad array of industries, including power, municipal drinking water and wastewater, food and beverage, pulp and paper, refinery and semiconductor. The platform is currently available as an ammonia analyzer using colorimetric technology.

The Orion 8000 Series Analyzer Platform is designed to support common electronics and parts across all integrated analyzers, simplifying inventory management of spare parts, consumables and accessories, and ensuring supply on-demand. Operation of the platform is powered via a modern, user-friendly interface enabled by a large 7-inch, high-resolution color touchscreen. The Orion 8000 enables low reagent consumption and minimal chemical waste generation. Featuring built-in predictive diagnostics and preventive maintenance schedules, the platform ensures long-term, continuous operation of the analyzers with maximum uptime, according to the company.

Each analyzer working on the Orion 8000 Series Analyzer Platform is optimized through reagent formulation, a reliable sensor system and an accurate fluid delivery and quantification system, all of which allow for superior performance. Additionally, for seamless integration into most data management systems, the platform powers the communication of data with analog outputs, Bluetooth, cloud connectivity, HART Protocol, Modbus TCP/IP, PROFIBUS, RS485 and wireless.