More Info on CFATS Info

I have said before if you are looking for good information on CFATS the place to start is with the Department of Homeland Security's website "Critical Infrastructure: Chemical Security." This page has a lot of information and it is updated regularly by DHS. This is where you can request a CFATS presentation or a compliance assistance visit from DHS. You can also access updated frequently asked questions from this page.

If you want the latest news straight from DHS there are links on this page for page updates and new DHS information on chemical security. You can have these updates automatically emailed to you and/or sent to your cell phone. It is a great way to make sure that you are not missing any announcements or key information.

Also, if you are looking for even more indepth information on CFATS you can join us for "CFATS Timeline & Latest Regulatory Updates." This is a 60 minute CFATS webinar hosted by Chemical Processing. We will discuss current and pending legislations and give some practical advice on compliance. Our speakers include industry professionals who have helped many Tier 1 - 4 facilities navigate CFATS.

Michael Kennedy, Esq. the Senior Manager, Government relations for SOCMA (Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates) will cover the latest chemical specific Homeland Security Regulatory issues including: the current status of chemical security legislation in the House and Senate; personal surety - what's changing; and suggested changes to the Top Screen Process (material modifications).

Steve Roberts, Roberts Law Group, who advises manufacturing, chemical, energy and other companies on compliance with CFATS, MTSA, and other regulations will discuss current regulatory considerations for Site Security Plans (SSPs), including DHS "pre-authorization" visits and the review and adjudication process and CVI (Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information) updates

And I will go over the CFATS Road Map & Timeline from Top Screen through approval and resubmission. You can register now to attend and please bring all of your questions.


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