Will REACH Compliance Get Too Testy?

A recent article (REACH Expands Its Range) posted to ChemicalProcessing.com talks about some of the challenges attached to achieving compliance with the European Union’s registration, evaluation and authorization of chemicals (REACH) legislation.

Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large for Chemical Processing, discusses a study that claims there will be an increase in animal testing that will occur due to REACH, whose primary aim is protecting human health and the environment from unwanted consequences of exposure to chemicals. To read Seán's article,
click here.

If what the study claims is true, which is the greater evil – harm to humans or harm to animals?

Obviously, there is a whole can of worms that can be unleashed on this topic. It is right up there with talking politics or religion at a party. But since the elephant is in the room and we all know it's there, I ask you this: What other challenges does REACH Compliance pose to the chemical processing industry and the general public? What are the pros of REACH Compliance?