What's On Your Mind?

Have you ever wondered what your peers are thinking or doing? And I'm not just talking about your immediate peers (those you work with every day). I am talking about the big picture – peers from different companies and countries.

As the digital editor for Chemical Processing magazine, I get to dictate what poll questions we will ask visitors to ChemicalProcessing.com – with input from Editor in Chief Mark Rosenzweig, of course.

In the past we have posed many a thorny issue to our readers and have learned many interesting things.

For example, when we asked "If your plant uses a "legacy" or earlier-generation distributed control system, what is your main concern about that system?" we learned that 53% of you were concerned with the difficulty in getting spare parts.

But it occurred to us (the editorial staff of Chemical Processing) that you folks might like the opportunity to help us craft poll questions. So here's your chance to survey the industry.

Send me questions you'd like to see answered by your peers (and a list of the potential answers – see our current Poll Question for our format). You can submit the questions by adding a comment to this blog.

Looking forward to reading what's on your mind!

Traci Purdum
Senior Digital Editor