Webinar Explains Why pH Probes Are Important

Last week I moderated a webinar on pH. Sponsored by Hach, the presenter, Ray Ruth, talked about how you can use pH in common applications to increase efficiency of your processes, increase stability and increase profitability.  

The webinar was full of evidence that proper pH makes a big difference in processes. In one slide (shown), Ruth noted in boiler and cooling water applications the types of impurities that impact these systems depends on the mineral concentrations and how they behave at different levels of pH.  Low pH waters will often cause corrosion in a system but high pH waters can cause scaling.  One of the challenges with treating these waters is that there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach to measuring the pH.  
slide 2 pH
For example, as little as 1/8" of scale can reduce boiler efficiency by 20% or cooling tower efficiency by 40%.  

Some of the challenges to measuring in boiler/cooler water is that it requires a very specific pH probe to work properly.  "In truth, every application requires a little different probe, so helping you understand what probes to use is important," says Ruth.

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