Tooting Our Own Horn

I fondly remember an episode of the television show Happy Days where Fonzie was giving Richie one of his pearls of wisdom. The Fonz told him, "Cunningham, you have to toot your own horn or nobody will know you're here."

I'm not certain if those were his exact words, but you get the picture.

Taking his advice, I am going to toot the horn for Chemical Processing.

The magazine recently won several American Society of Business Publication Editors awards. The awards are referred to as "Azbees."

The award-winning content includes "Protect Your Plant," which won a regional silver Azbee in the feature article category; and "Watch Out With Variable Speed Pumping," which earned a regional bronze award in the technical article category.

Not to be outdone by the editorial staff, our art department also won an Azbee award for the design of the opening spread of "Who's a Big Hit With Readers."

Kudos to the entire Chemical Processing team.

Traci Purdum
Senior Digital Editor