Three Cheers For Female Lego Scientists

Well it's about time. Lego brand toys is going to introduce a female minifigure set that will feature a paleontologist, an astronomer and a chemist.

I love playing with Legos. The best part is creating the original concept once and then dumping the pieces together with all the other sets to create my own Lego universe. It drives some purists crazy, but that's how I roll. Now I can put my female scientists on board the Millennium Falcon and really get that ship in tip-top shape.

In order for a new Lego set to be mass produced, concepts need to go through a Lego review board. There were six concepts vying for the spot as the next cool set from the Denmark-based company. The female scientist set beat out The Legend of Zelda, Sherlock Holmes and a DeLorean Time Machine among others.

To even get to the review board, these concepts had to have over 10,000 votes. Swedish geochemist Ellen Kooijman was the mastermind behind the winning concept.

Kooijman chronicled her concept in a recent blog post. She stated:  

"The idea for the project came very naturally. . . . As a female scientist I had noticed two things about the available LEGO sets: a skewed male/female minifigure ratio and a rather stereotypical representation of the available female figures.

"It seemed logical that I would suggest a small set of female minifigures in interesting professions to make our LEGO city communities more diverse."

Diverse, indeed. After conquering Star Wars, my ladies and I will mosey on over to Lord of the Rings, the Marvel Universe and Minecraft to see what's happening. The female minifigure set will be available August 2014.

The next set of concepts under review includes the Big Bang Theory. Bring it on, Lego. . . Bring. It. On.

Traci-bio-photo.jpgTraci Purdum
Senior Digital Editor and wannabe master builder of Legos.

P.S. Here's a short video from Lego announcing the female minifigure set.