The Science Behind Lady Liberty’s Chameleon Ways

By Jordan Martin

America’s Independence Day, July 4th, is approaching quickly. This is a time for celebration and, of course, science refreshers.

It’s no secret that the Statue of Liberty isn’t her original copper color – time takes its toll on the best of us. And most of us know the chemistry behind her chameleon ways -- basic oxidation. But since you’ll be attending picnics and parades, it’s always good to buff up on the chemical reactions that took place to bring us our current version of Lady Liberty.

Check out this short video from The American Chemical Society – we’re certain you’ll be the life of the party when you toss out this knowledge.


jordan martinJordan Martin is Chemical Processing’s Social Media Outreach Program Intern. She will be spending Independence Day with family and eating lots of great food. She also plans on impressing her friends with her chemical-reaction prowess.