The Children Are Our Future

Editors are always thinking about the future – future stories, future interviews, future readers. In fact, Editor Mark Rosenzweig often writes about engaging children in science and engineering in the hopes that we have a sustainable profession, and ultimately a sustainable audience. (Read: Convince A Child To Explore Engineering). 

Well, sometimes we get lucky and our current readers turn the younger generation on to our publication.

For example, Evan Smith of Pocatello, Idaho, sent us a photo with the following explanation:

"I thought you may be interested in a photo of someone enjoying Chemical Processing.  I like to pass my copy on after I'm done. In this case I am getting my 7-month-old grandson (at time of photo) trained for when he starts school."

Thanks Evan – we hope your grandson continues to enjoy Chemical Processing for many years! And if he gains fame as a Dominos champion, we'll be pleased with that outcome, too. Evan's grandson is reading the February 2010 issue of Chemical Processing.

Traci Purdum
Senior Digital Editor

P.S. – If you have photos of you or someone else reading Chemical Processing magazine, please send them to me at I will showcase them in upcoming blog posts.