Reader Doesn't Trust Lawyers But Would Vote For Chemical Engineers

A letter to the editor regarding Mark Rosenzweig's September column "We Need More Engineers In Congress" recently came across my desk.

The author of the letter, Art Krugler, gave permission to use his letter in the Chemical Reaction Blog. I'm hoping his thoughts will spur more thoughts from our audience.

Here is what Art had to say: Yes we need more engineers and other technical as well as business people in our legislature and Executive branch; the Supreme Court obviously must have judges.

Have you thought about the results of our government being run primarily by lawyers? Trained in similar colleges with very similar course-work and almost no training in hard science??  Or their ability to recognize and select able engineers as advisors? (They are the people with "Who, when & where" skills).

Who among us trusts lawyers??  Should we be surprised at the present sorry conditions in our country?

In today's world of major problems in energy, medicine, food, pollution, ice melt and global warming, I submit that Chemical Engineers have the most appropriate training to handle these tasks. I feel we should not only elect more engineers but also limit lawyers to being a source of information on legal matters.

Do you agree with Art? And would you run for Congress?

Traci Purdum
Senior Digital Editor