MythBusters Puts Rupture Discs To The Test

After covering the manufacturing industry for nearly 15 years, I've had the opportunity to get in-depth information on numerous products and solutions. I always get a kick out of seeing said products in their intended environment because I have an inside scoop on how it was made, or I've seen the product in its testing stages. When I see a product on TV that I have dealt with from a journalist's perspective, I get even giddier – it's almost like I have a friend in show business.

Well – I am preparing to get my fill of excitement tomorrow night (April 20). Pressure relief manufacturer Oseco (which we've highlighted on our website) will be making its fifth appearance on the TV show MythBusters. The episode, entitled “Running on Water,” airs this Wednesday night at 8 CDT on the Discovery Channel. 
MythBusters puts movie stunts and urban myths to the test in real world conditions, to see if they are “Confirmed”, “Plausible” or “Busted.”  In the past, the show has turned to Oseco’s rupture discs whenever they needed help measuring the force generated from an explosion.  In Oseco’s next appearance, its discs will be used in a segment called “What is Bombproof?” to determine the protection that everyday barriers, such as cars and concrete walls, offer to the human body against explosions.

I'm looking forward to this episode not only for the fact that Chemical Processing covers Oseco as part of its editorial package, but I want to find out just how plausible it is for my favorite characters on Hawaii 5-0 and CSI to survive explosions episode after episode with hardly a scratch.

Let's let the myth busting commence.

Traci Purdum
Senior Digital Editor

P.S. If your company has been featured on TV, let me know. I'll be in need of good programs once everything turns to re-runs.