Math Masters Compete For Title And Charity

Yet another tournament I wasn't invited to. . . it's OK, I'm used to it. In this case, it was probably for the best. I certainly wouldn't want to embarrass myself in front of math geniuses. The competition of which I speak was the first-ever MoMath Masters Tournament held on February 28 in New York. It was a fundraising event for the New York-based Museum of Mathematics.

More than 200 people participated in the cocktail round portion of the tournament, solving math puzzles and challenges asked via tablet computers handed out by MoMath. I bet I could have held my own in the cocktail department, but I certainly wouldn't have been among the 21 top scorers who advanced to the finals round, where they competed against each other to determine the grand prize winners. Problems for the tournament were provided by the Art of Problem Solving and drawn from various sources including MOEMS, Math Counts, the AMC competitions, the AIME competition, and the Harvard-MIT Math Tournament.

The MoMath Masters Tournament, a fundraising event for MoMath’s opening year, was hosted by New York Times crossword puzzle editor Will Shortz.

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